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Date : 12 August 2018
Province : Other
Location : Heritage Resorts, C Beach Club, Bel Ombre
Entries Close : 15 July 2018
Starting Time : 06:00
Late Entries : No
Timed By : ROAG
ROAG Registration : Yes
Event Website : https://www.heritagetrail.mu/





Price till 15 June

Price 16 June – 15 July







55km MCB Challenge Cup Trail

18 +

Rs 2000

Rs 1800

Rs 2200

Rs 2200

Rs 1980

Rs 2420

21km Asics Half Marathon Trail

Rs 1400

Rs 1250

Rs 1600

Rs 1540

Rs 1375

Rs 1760

10km MCB Trail

12 +

Rs 1200

Rs 1050

Rs 1400

Rs 1320

Rs 1155

Rs 1540


6 - 11

Rs 600

Rs 600

Spectator with food


Rs 600

Rs 600

Spectator without food


Free Free

Price Includes: Lunch Buffet (NOT for the 3km) and a donation for the preservation of the fauna and flora of Bel Ombre as well as a Rs 50 donation to the Haemophilia Association

N.B: Limited entries

Please note: RTN discount is calculated automatically on your ID number - please ensure this is correct on your ROAG profile

Please note: Medical certificate is required for 55km; 21km & 10km 

Click here to download a Medical Certificate template:




Meet Time

Start Time

Start Venue

Finish Venue


3400m D+



Carriére de Sable de Baie du Cap

Beach at C Beach Club


900m D+



Chateau de Bel Ombre


450m D+




250m D+



C Beach Club

Shuttle Bus

Only available for the 55km: from C Beach Club to departure of 55km (La Carriere) at 4:45am.

For the 21km, 10km and 3km participants will need to park their car at the C-Beach Club and then walk or warm up to the starting at the Chateau de Bel-Ombre which is at 10 mins from the C-Beach.

Massage Services
At the end of the race there will be a massage service (20 min sessions) available for free - first come, first serve.





Saturday, 11 Aug

09:00 – 15:00

Place du Moulin, Bel Ombre

10km, 21km and 55km: race pack items and finisher Peak

Kids race of 3km: T-shirt in race pack and a finisher Medal


55km Description

CLICK HERE TO SEE ROUTE PROFILE: https://www.heritagetrail.mu/55km

The Moka Rangers Sport Club welcome the trail runners to the 3rd edition of the Heritage Trail on the 12 August, in the heights of Baie-du-cap where only the littoral roads used to passes through. The 4 x 4 paths in zig zag joint climbs and descent on a path that only 4 x 4 were driving before.

The start is given at the ‘ Cariere de Sable ‘ of Baie du cap. The difficulty will start straight away from the biggining with a fisrt ascent which will bring the trailers to the highest point of the domain at 450m Altitude. The lovers of the Nature will have to take their courage to run the first 5km which will separate them from the starting point to the first refreshment point ( La Boutique Theodore )

After the first refreshment point the runners will disappear in the Domaine of Mont sur Mont Galea. This private hunting estate which will open his door only for this event. The Runners will reach the second refreshment point after the 7th km, the will then go in the direction of  Piton canot/Chamarel by using very technical track and 4x4 paths.

Arriving at the restaurant le Chamarel the runners will be able to refresh themselves on the 3rd refreshment point before disappearing on the tracks of the National Parc which will bring them, first of all, to the summit of the island and then a long descent in the heart of the National park before climbing the famous Ascent of PARAKEET with his 3.5km of ascent and 700m of D+.

They will then turn right, direction the chamarel view point where the 4th refreshment will wait for them. From there the runners will have a magnificent view on the lagoon and the literal.

The effort and discovery will continue their way, in the heart of chamarel, towards the private hunting field of LA VIELLE CHEMINEE, CAMALIA and BON COURAGE where the trailers and the nature make one! The trailers will have the chance and opportunity to run amongst the deers and wartogs.

After the hunting field of BON COURAGE, the trailers will run down a 4 x 4 path towards bel-ombre where they will turn right after 2km of dexcent before entering the sentier Goyave, another private hunting field. After 2 km of climbing they will reach the 6th and last refreshment point before starting the last 5km of descent which will bring them to the finish line at the C-BEACH CLUB, where they will enjoy  the sea, the each and a nice 5 star lunch.

55km with 3400m of Ascent, this is the HERITAGE TRAIL!!!

21km Description

CLICK HERE TO SEE ROUTE PROFILE: https://www.heritagetrail.mu/21km

The race will start at the Château de Bel-ombre. The trailer will do 1.5km through the suger cane field before entering the private hunting field of Dalsing. The magic of the area is there too, amongst the 4 x 4 paths and single tracks and big and large fields where the runners will run amongst deers and wartogs..

This same magic will bring them to the beautiful cascade of FREDERICA. The Trailer will then exit the Chasse of Dalsing to enter sentier Goyave where the runners will join the runners of the 10km and 55km. The runners of the 21km will do the last 5km together with the runners of the 55km and 10km.

The finish is at the C-BEACH CLUB as well, where the runners will enjoyed the beach, sea and a fantastic 5 star lunch.

10km Description

CLICK HERE TO SEE ROUTE PROFILE: https://www.heritagetrail.mu/10km

The race will start at the château de bel-Ombre. The trailer will run through the villas Valriche on 1.5km before entering sentier goyave. 3km of a successive of ascent and descent will bring the runners to the highest point of sentier goyave 450m Altitude where they will be able to refresh themselves. The last 5km will be done together with the runners of the 21km and 55km. the finish will be at the C-BEACH CLUB where they will enjoy the sea, the beach and a 5 star Lunch.

3km Description
This race has been created to initiate the kids to the trail. It is two loops of 1.5km around the C-BEACH CLUB. After the race the kids will be able to enjoy the swimming pool, the sea and the Beach.



The following is obligatory for the 55km; 21km & 10km:
- Medical certificate (uploaded on website when enter)
- 1L of water minimum
- Whistle (for 55km only)