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Club Roag

Club ROAG is a "virtual" Club with no facilities or "club house". The club is registered with various "official" sports bodies, and provides club members with a cost effective opportunity of registering with those sports bodies.

What are the Benefits of
belonging to Club ROAG?

  • Discounted ROAG Card Rates

    Discounted ROAG Card Rates

  • Access to the Grey Club ROAG MTB Number Boards

    Access to the Grey Club ROAG MTB Number Boards

  • Affiliation to Various Governing Bodies

    Affiliation to Various Governing Bodies

More Information

  • What Facility Costs do I need to Pay?

    There are no "fixed" (club house etc.) facilities which means great savings on levies etc which are associated with clubhouse facilities

  • Do I have to join ROAG and Club ROAG?

    In order to join CLUB ROAG, you will need to be registered on the ROAG website.

  • Do I have to join every year?

    Yes, your membership will run for one calender year, after which you will need to renew your membership for 2023.

  • What Bodies are Club ROAG Registered with?

    CLUB ROAG is currently registered with the following governing bodies:

    • EMBA (Ethekweni Mountain Bike Association).
  • Who can Join Club ROAG?

    ANYBODY (although one has to be a ROAG Member), whether you are a participant in a sport or not.

  • How much does it cost to join Club ROAG for 2022?

    Purchase your 2022 Club ROAG Membership now for R135!

  • How do I Join Club ROAG?

    Joining Club ROAG is very easy, if you would like to become a member follow the easy steps below:

    Simply click on the JOIN NOW button below and follow the process. Once you have made the payment you will officially belong to CLUB ROAG.

    If you are having any trouble joining dont hesitate to contact us. Our support team is on hand to help you out with all your enquiries.

    Click the button below to start the process:

Club ROAG Packages 2022
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