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Dodo Trail 2020

Sun 20 Dec 2020, 05:00 @ Riverland, Rivière Noire
Trail Running
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Rivière Noire
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Other Information About Event

  • Medical

    Participants of the Dodo Trail XTREME 50 km, Dodo Trail RELAY 2X25km (on the Dodo Trail XTREME 50km track), Dodo Trail TROOPER 25 km and Dodo Trail ACTIVE 10 km must attach a medical certificate to confirm they are physically fit to run the trail. 
    Please take note that the RTN (Rando –Trail & Nature) medical certificate or any club licence for the year 2019 shall be accepted. Validity 1 year.
    Further note that the medical certificate is compulsory to complete the registration. The registration will be considered as incomplete if all documents requested are not provided together with the payment. Participants having an incomplete registration will be automatically placed on a waiting list and there is no guarantee that their registration will be considered once completed.
    Please note: People doing the Dodo FUN RUN 4 km must also be in good health, but no medical certificate needs to be provided for registration.

  • Age Categories

    Participants (Men & Women) to the Dodo Trail XTREME, the Dodo Trail TROOPER and the Dodo Trail ACTIVE will be classified as per the age group categories below (The participants’ age on 31 December 2019 determines their respective categories). 
    Children (12 to 15 years): First 3 boys & girls (for the Dodo Trail ACTIVE only)
    Cadet (16 and 17 years): First 3 boys & girls (for the Dodo Trail ACTIVE only)
    Junior (18 and 19 years): First 3 Men & Women
    Senior (20 to 39 years): First 3 Men & Women
    Veteran 1 (40 to 49 years): First 3 Men & Women
    Veteran 2 (50 to 59 years): First 3 Men & Women
    Veteran 3 (60 to 69 years): First 3 Men & Women
    Master (70 years and above): First 3 Men & Women 
    Overall (scratch): First 5 Men & Women

    There shall be no official ranking for the Dodo Trail FUN RUN 4 km but a special prize will be given to participants as per the age group below.

    Children Overall (6 to 14 years): First 5 boys & girls 
    Children (6 to 9 years): First 3 boys & girls
    Children 10 to 14 years) First 3 boys & girls

    Each runner will receive his/her race timing in hours, minutes and seconds. The stopwatch of the organizing team will be the only official method of timekeeping. In case of ex-aequo, the prize will be attributed to the older runner.

    For the Dodo Trail RELAY: There shall be no classification by age group categories. A prize will be given to the first 3 Men, Women and Mix teams in ranking. Regarding the timing, it will be given by team and the team timing will be in hours, minutes and seconds. The stopwatch of the organizing team will be the only official method of timekeeping. In case of a tie, the prize will be awarded to the oldest team (Age of 2 runners added).

  • Race Pack Items

    The registration fee includes: • A race tee‐shirt • An electronic chip • A race bib • A finisher gift (50km, 25km and 10km) and a medal for the 4km (only for the kids aged from 6 to 17 years) • A Meal • Refreshment tables (water, coke, sugar, salt, bananas …) along the different tracks even if the trail is based on the principle of food and drink self-sufficiency • A contribution of Rs 50 to FORENA for the rehabilitation of the endemic forest in the Black River Gorges National Park –

  • Transport

    TRANSPORT (SHUTTLE BUS) – the 4km do not need the shuttle A free shuttle bus will be available from the Riverland Sports Center until your start for all races. All information concerning the departure times of these free shuttle bus in relation to the start of your race will be communicated to you on the website of the Dodo Trail ( a few days before the event. If you wish to take advantage of this transport, click on the " shuttle bus" option on the Dodo Trail Website. If not, we invite you to prefer car-pooling, as parking spaces are limited.

  • Refund Policy/Politique De Remboursement

    In case of cancellation of registration by the participant: • From 15/03/2019 to 30/05/2019: A refund of 50% of the registration fee minus a 5% Bank Charge will be made upon a request sent to for any cancellations. • From 01/06/2019 to 07/07/2019: No refund for cancellation made for any reason whatsoever (even injuries attested with a medical certificate or for travelling purposes)

  • Eco Contribution

    SUPPORT THE ENDEMIC FOREST REHABILITATION OF THE MAURITIUS ISLAND WITH DODO TRAIL by adding the 'Eco Contribution' to your purchase! Eco Contribution our commitment with FORENA NGO Fondation Ressources et Nature (FORENA) is a non-government organization that aims to promote sustainable development and livelihood practices such as organic vegetable gardens. It also works to preserve and re- introduce terrestrial and marine endemic and native biodiversity and to mitigate the effects of climate change. The Dodo Trail is working with FORENA and the National Park and Conservation Services (NPCS) to protect and rehabilitate the endemic and indigenous forest of Mauritius in a popular part of the Black River Gorges National Park. A plot of 1000 m2 to clean and rehabilitate, very frequented by hikers, has been identified near the passage of the Dodo Trail. The Dodo Trail undertakes to pay back to FORENA, a contribution of Rs 50 for each entry obtained on the 5 races offered. Why don’t you choose to make an additional Rs 50 as an Eco-Contribution to support this project and offset your environmental impact when participating in the Dodo Trail?

  • Race Pack/Remises des Dossards

    Race Pack is on the 6th July at the Riverland Sports Club from 11:00 to 16:00. If a participant has any queries or would like to do a 'Bib Swap' (Substitution) or Race Change he can notify a ROAG Representative at Race Office on the Race Pack Collection Day, 6th JULY 2019: • If a participant does a bib swap (substitution) in respect of a race change he will have to pay the difference between the shorter and the longer distance plus a payment of Rs 100 (cash only) for new entrant bib. • If a participant downgrades (changes his race from a longer distance to a shorter distance) then he will have to pay Rs 100 (cash only) for a new bib. Changes can only be made at the race pack collection days (not on the day of the races). • Please note that it is strictly forbidden to run the race with someone else's bib.


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