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Fundsmith Colin Mayer Tour

Thu 07 Oct 2021 to Sat 09 Oct 2021 @ Chasse Case Noyale, Rivière Noire
Mountain Biking
Date :
07/10/21 - 09/10/21
Province :
Rivière Noire
Location :
Chasse Case Noyale
Event Website :
Timing Company :


Race Details ENTRY LIST
Day Rider (Friday) Motilacaze 08:00 Price MUR 3000.00
Special Race Sat Race at Rs1000 08:00 Price MUR 1000.00
Full Stage - Solo (excl. tent) 08:00 Price effective from 15 Feb 2021 to 09 Sep 2021 ages from 16 to 99 MUR 6500.00
Day Rider (Saturday Only) 08:00 Price effective from 15 Feb 2021 to 09 Sep 2021 ages from 16 to 99 MUR 1700.00
Full Stage - Solo E-bike (excl. tent) 08:00 Price effective from 15 Feb 2021 to 09 Sep 2021 ages from 16 to 99 MUR 6500.00
No Race (if purchasing Tent ONLY) 08:00 Price MUR 0.00
Registration 1
Monday Afternoon
04 October 2021
PND Building, Geoffroy Rd, Bambous
Event Location
Merchandise Available for Purchase
Please note that the merchandise shown below can be purchased when doing your entry online.  
  • Merchandise Image
    Luxury Double Tent
    Price: 5000.00
  • Merchandise Image
    Standard Single Tent
    Price: 1000.00
  • Merchandise Image
    Tent Space without Meal (Participant)
    Price: 1500.00
  • Merchandise Image
    Tent Space with Meal (Participants)
    Price: 500.00

Other Information About Event

  • Prizes & Results

    • Overall winner
    1. - Elite Men 18 - 39yrs

    2. - Master 2 Men 40 -49yrs

    3. - Master 3 Men 50+yrs

    4. - Elite Women 18 -39yrs

    5. - Master 2 Women 40 - 49yrs

    6. - Master 3 Women 50+yrs

    7. - Buffalo +90kg

    *Category winners of each stage will be called up to the podium daily to get their leader jerseys.  
    *The main prize giving will take place after the 3rd Stage.

  • Massage Services

    Massages and Physio treatments will be available through-out the event by our partners W+ Life Health and Wellness Centre.

    Booking contact details coming soon.   

  • General Information

    • 3 day Solo Riders & Electro Bikes - Rs6500 per pax Includes:

    1. Thursday: Baguette / Lunch / Dinner

    2. Friday: Breakfast / Baguette / Lunch / Dinner

    3. Saturday: Breakfast / Baguette / Lunch

    4. Access to free water through-out the event

    5. Race-pack with T-shirt & Sponsor goodies, NO PRIZE GIVING

    • 1 Day Saturday Rider  - Rs1700 per pax Includes:

    1. Saturday: Breakfast / Baguette / Lunch

    2. Access to free water through-out the event    

    3. Race-pack with T-shirt & Sponsor goodies, NO PRIZE GIVING  

  • Tent Space

    1. Double Tent (Sleeps 2): Rs5000 - Includes: Palette Bed, Mattress, Pillow, side table 

    2. Single Tent (Sleeps 1): Rs1000 - Includes: Mattress 

    3. Tents are for Riders Only

    4. NO Outside tents allowed in the Race Village

  • Race Information

    • STAGE 1  Belle Ombre to Case Noyale:  40kms / 1200 climbing => Difficulty: Medium

    Starting at the Belle Ombre Sugar Factory, this exciting new course awaits! Riders will discover the Bel Ombre chassé with its single-track sections and splendid sea views with a mix of sugar cane fields and pristine hunting grounds. A steady ascent will take riders through private estates in Chamarel and then down towards Case Noyale with more technical riding, where we'll be finishing at the race village for the first night. Although this is the hardest stage, riders will be properly rewarded after the steady but manageable climb.

    • STAGE 2 Start and Finish at Case Noyale : 52kms / 650m climbing => Difficulty: Medium

    ​Day 2 will be familiar to past riders, but in the opposite direction to past events. Starting at Case Noyale, riders will head north, through private hunting grounds and fast sugar cane tracks before making their way back through Wolmar, then onto Tamarin Bay sand and its magical river crossing. With a quick dash through Les Salines Pilot, riders will finally make it back to the race village for some welcome refreshments. 

    • STAGE 3 Case Noyale / Bertrand : 30kms / 400m climbing => Difficulty: Low

    From the race village, with encouragement from family and friends and race village spectators, riders will do three laps of the Case Noyale / Bertrand hunting grounds with amazing terrain being a mix of gradual climbs and fast descents as well as a few surprises along the course!


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