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Sani Stagger 42.2km

Sat 12 Nov 2022 @ Premier Resort Sani Pass Golf Course, KwaZulu-Natal
Road Running
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Premier Resort Sani Pass Golf Course
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Race Details
Sani Stagger 42.2km 06:00 Pre Entry ZAR 490.00
Merchandise Purchase Only 06:00 Price ZAR 0.00
Registration 1
Friday Afternoon
11 November 2022
12h00 to 21h00
Merchandise Available for Purchase
Please note that the merchandise shown below can be purchased when doing your entry online.  
  • Merchandise Image
    Sani Stagger Cap
    Price: 210.00
  • Merchandise Image
    Sani Stagger 42.2km Shirt
    Price: 250.00

Other Information About Event

  • General Information

    42.2km INFORMATION

    Sani Stagger takes place along the 21 km gravel road of Sani Pass, on the magnificent scenic route between the Premier Resort Sani Pass and the Lesotho border post.

    The 42.2km Marathon starts on the Premier Resort Sani Pass golf course and runs 21.1km to the top of the Sani Pass at the Lesotho border and 21.1km back down again, finishing on the golf course.

    Total VERTICAL GAIN: 1,418 m


    Start Location: Premier Resort Sani Pass Golf Course

    Start time: 06h00


    • 12h00 (6 hours) for Prize Categories

    • 12h30 (6 hours 30 minutes) for Medals

    NOTE: There is a cut off of 3hrs 45mins at the turnaround point. Runners not getting to the top by 9:45am will not be able to continue.

  • General Information


    The race route has been measured by an ASA and international registered course measurer taking the shortest route along the course. Please bear in mind that the route is rocky, and uneven in places and you may not be able to take the shortest route.

    The Comrades qualifying time is 4:50 and Two Oceans qualifying time is 5:00 hours.
    Please check each races criteria directly with the event organisers.



    Runners do not require passports.

    Runners only require passports if they are staying overnight at the top and they will then need to go through the South African and Lesotho Border passport control.

    During the race only ATHLETES and OFFICIALS will be given access via the SA Border Control.

    Should you wish to visit Sani Top, you will need to carry your passport and you will need to be processed through South Africa and Lesotho Border Controls. You may be arrested for illegal entry should you cross through the field and fences.

    NOTE: No vehicles will be permitted on the route unless authorised to transport runners. Please adhere to this rule so as to avoid disqualification



    Sani Stagger takes place in the Maloti Drakensberg World Heritage Site.

    We urge all runners to empty cups etc. in the refuse bins provided throughout the route. This is a very serious matter.

    Runners found littering will be disqualified from the race.

  • Race Information


    42.2km ENTRY FEE TBC

    ENTRIES OPEN 4 MAY 2022, 9 AM


    Entries will be processed via ROAG.

    Entry fees DO NOT include any apparel.
    Event apparel can be ordered and paid for at time of entry

  • General Information


    As per a KZNA mandate, all 42km runners must be licensed and no Temp Licenses can be issued to 42km runners.

    We are very pleased to inform you that KZNA has decided to relax its new ban on 42.2km temp licenses for the Sani Stagger.  This means that all unlicensed 42.2km runners will be able to purchase a temp license at registration on the 11th November for R50.


    Registration will be at the Underberg Country Club from 12:00 to 21:00 on Friday, November 11th. There will be no late Registration on the Saturday morning of the race. You will need to produce your ID at registration and you may not register on someone else’s behalf. This is for a number of reasons, including medical safety and Covid protocols.

    Parking at registration will be on the Cricket Field in front of the Clubhouse, please follow the signs and marshalls. The Country Club has a restaurant and bar and the local community will appreciate any support that you can provide.



    You will be able to collect all pre-ordered apparel at Registration. There will be a limited amount of additional apparel available for sale, both at Registration and on Race Day near the Start/Finish.

  • Refund Policy

    Refund policy is 90% until close of entries and then nothing after that except Medical Refund which is 60% and must have supporting Docs.

    Merch Refund is 95% until close of entries, after entries close there will be no more refunds.


The steepest marathon in southern africa!


located on Sani PAss, Sani stagger is an out & back course that runs from South africa to lesotho, and back!

The course runs 21.1km up sani pass to the lesotho border post, and then 21.1km back down the pass to south africa.


Event date:
Saturday 12 November 2022
Entries open 4 MAY 2022

Please note that the entry limit for this race was exceeded
whilst you were busy trying to enter.
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