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Moka Decathlon Night Run

Sat 06 Aug 2022 @ Telfair Amphitheatre, Moka
Road Running
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Telfair Amphitheatre
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Race Details ENTRY LIST
10km - Rogers Employee 19:30 Price effective from 24 Jun 2022 to 15 Jul 2022 ages from 12 to 99 MUR 0.00
10km - Accenture 19:30 Price MUR 0.00
10km Run - ENL Employee 19:30 Price effective from 09 Jun 2022 to 15 Jul 2022 ages from 12 to 99 MUR 0.00
10km Run - Public 19:30 Early-bird effective from 09 Jun 2022 to 23 Jun 2022 ages from 12 to 99 MUR 750.00
Late Entry effective from 24 Jun 2022 to 15 Jul 2022 ages from 12 to 99 MUR 800.00
10km Run - Paying via POP Only 19:30 Price effective from 28 Jun 2022 to 15 Jul 2022 ages from 12 to 99 MUR 720.00
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Race Information
  • 10km Run - Public

Registration 1
Wednesday Morning
03 August 2022
10:00 - 20:00
Event Location
Merchandise Available for Purchase
Please note that the merchandise shown below can be purchased when doing your entry online.  
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    Marathon Vest white/yellow
    Price: 1300.00
  • Merchandise Image
    Ceinture Trail Light Gris Orange
    Price: 1300.00
  • Merchandise Image
    Run Cap Unisex Dark Orange
    Price: 400.00
  • Merchandise Image
    Run cap Unisex Pale Khaki
    Price: 400.00
  • Merchandise Image
    Sunglasses Helios
    Price: 890.00


Ever wanted to participate in a Night Trail? Because now you can! The streets of Moka Smart City will be waiting for you in August for a thrilling moonlight race at the perfect temperature.

A night run lit up with a headlamp! That’s what you can expect at the Moka Decathlon Night Run, which will take place on Saturday, 6th August. This fun and sporty event invites you to discover the urban region of Moka under a different light... or should we say moonlight? The challenge? A 12 km long adventure in the heart of the island, under the stars, that’s open to children over 12 years old and adults.

Organised by Moka Smart City in collaboration with the world leader in sports equipment, Decathlon Mauritius, the race is for experienced runners and casual runners alike who would like to take part in a night trail. The night trail will also be a show. To make it even more fun and lively, there will be a sound and lights spectacle throughout the night.

This night escapade will start at 7.30pm at the Telfair Amphitheatre and will loop through Moka Smart City with a short (fun) stop at Decathlon. Runners will be cheered on by a large anticipated audience.

Prize Giving Categories

Scrath Male and Female (Top 3)

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