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ROAG Reaches Out

ROAG Reaches Out


The ROAG Reaches Out page is a place where our ROAG Members can easily and conveniently donate towards our chosen charities! We are so proud to be able to provide support and assist these amazing causes/charities.

An instrumental aspect of ROAG’s philosophy is helping others. We believe that providing support to others either through financial means or simply by giving of one’s own time is an incredibly rewarding experience, as well as providing support to disadvantaged children and adults by either food parcels or education.

You can make a donation below of R50 and / or you are able to donate when you are entering an event on the ROAG website. You simply need to scroll down when you reach the payment page and look for the heading 'Other Purchases' and then scroll down to ROAG Reaches Out and select your chosen charity.

Please see the list of our charities below:



Singakwenza, meaning We can do it!, is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide low cost, high impact Health and Early Education through empowerment programmes to economically disadvantaged communities, particularly in rural areas of KwaZulu Natal. This is done through:

Education and assistance for Care Givers at disadvantaged creches to implement a sustainable Early Childhood Development programme focusing on the critical developmental years (0-5), using educational resources made from recycling. Running Waste 2 Toys Workshops in areas where access to resources is limited to teach educators to make their own toys and teaching aids using recycling. An HIV intervention programme based on a Peer Education model for rural workers, particularly in the Agricultural and Forestry sectors. Mobile Clinic services providing Primary Health Care and counselling for rural workers and their families.

We partner together with others to work towards building our local communities, and ensuring that they have the opportunities to make better choices in life. As Singakwenza is a registered NPO, all donations are tax deductable and can be used for B-BBEE purposes. Find out more on:

Please contact Linda Hill for any enquiries: for any enquiries:

E-mail: [email protected] | Tel: 033 343 1650 | Cell: 082 3211 283

The Daily News Milk Fund
The Daily News Milk Fund

The Daily News Milk and Welfare Fund collects cash donations from members of the public and various companies, which are used to supply and distribute milk powder and high energy porridge to needy crèches in KZN. has also supported the Milk Fund for the past 5 years through the provision of porridge to support a number of feeding initiatives.

Currently the Fund supports 74 crèches, pre-schools and welfare organisations across KZN. In total, just over 13 000 children under the age of 8 years old receive at least one glass of milk and a bowl of energy porridge per school day, which equates to over 260 000 servings a month. Over and above the full cream milk powder that is supplied to schools every 2 months, the Fund also purchases a highly nutritious porridge, FUTURELIFE®, which boosts the immune system of the child and provides a nutritious meal.

Funding in these times is extremely difficult and the partnership with the Daily News calls weekly for donations from readers of the newspaper. The Daily News also publicises all fund raising initiatives of the Milk Fund. The Milk Fund does not receive any direct funding from the Daily News but they do cover a salary of one dedicated staff member (other collections are all made by volunteers) and the offices are located in their building (rent free). Every cent that is donated is used to feed children – there are no administration costs at all.

Please contact Andrew Taylor for any enquiries: for any enquiries:

Tel: 031 308 2588

Should you wish to find out more,
feel free to send an email to:

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