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Sani Stagger Waiting List

Sat 20 Nov 2021, 06:00 @ Premier Resort Sani Pass Golf Course, KwaZulu-Natal
Road Running
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Premier Resort Sani Pass Golf Course
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If you missed getting your entry/booking in for the 2021 Sani Stagger you are welcome to add your name on to the official waiting list.

Race Details
Waiting List Spot - 21.1km Stagger Down Run 08:30 Price ZAR 0.00
Waiting List Spot - 21km or 38km Stagger Trail Runs 06:30 Price ZAR 0.00
Waiting List Spot - 42km Road Marathon 05:30 Price ZAR 0.00

Other Information About Event

  • General Information

    CLICK HERE For more info on the Accommodation Packages

    CLICK HERE For more info on the 21.1km Stagger Down Run

    CLICK HERE For more info on the 42.2km Road Marathon

    CLICK HERE For more info on the Stagger Trail Runs


    How does the Waiting List work? 


    The waiting list is based on the 'first come first serve' principle. Once you've put your name on the list there is nothing else that you are required to do other than wait for the 30th of September which will be when the Sani Stagger Event Organisers offer what's available to people on the waiting list. They will offer the 1st person on the list the option to take the respective entry/booking and then the balance rolls to the next person and so on and so forth. 

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